Thursday, October 21, 2010


Salam and a good day to u guys and gals out there..
Hope that u r enjoying ur daily healthy life..
I'm enjoying d life that i have now..
Syukur alhamdulillah

As the topic mention above,
Today, i wanna share with u viewers about the importance of water
Water is needed in order to improve our weight reduction.
Water is needed in our life to make sure we r x dehydrated.

 Taken from

How much water i need to consume everyday?
The answer is very easy.

Your weight * 35 = Answer!

For an example,
88 * 35 = 3080 ml per day

plus minus with daily activities = 3500ml

So guys and gals..
Start changing ur daily water consumption

Your health will be totally changed once u use this concept
Do your best and improve your health

"Berubah ke arah yg lebih sihat dan lebih ceria"

Looking forward from u soon

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