Thursday, November 11, 2010

ShapeWorks Herbalife Formula 1

How ru guys & gals out there?
I hope u guys are still living in a happy life

Today I'm going 2 share a very beneficial product

The ShapeWorks Herbalife Formula 1!!!

This product i called "King of the Kings"
It comes with 5 different flavors which are

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Tropical Fruit and Cappuccino

My personal favorite:
1. Strawberry
2. Vanilla
3. Tropical Fruit

Vanilla flavor


Tropical Fruit flavor

Cappuccino flavor

Brief information regarding on Formula 1

  • Includes 19 vitamins and minerals.

  • 9 grams of soy protein and 18 grams when mixed with milk or soy milk per serving plus fibre to help keep you full and satisfied.

  • Can help you lose, gain or maintain weight.*

  • Available in five flavours

  • For losing weight, it really works!!
    For your information, I already lost 10kg after using this product for 2 months 
    (depends on your body actually)
    The usage of losing, gain and maintain weight is not same.

    Below are the usage for each type of category:

    Suggested method

    Losing Weight (most of the people wants it!!)
    • Replace your two daily meals with this nutritious shake (calorie replacement)
    • For an example, I changed my breakfast and dinner with this shake
    • Since then, my weight reduced
    • Drink a total of 2 shakes per day 
    Gaining Weight (some people needs it!)
    • After your meals, drink this shake as addition to your meals
    • This shake will work as a enhancer for your body to absorb the nutrition
    • After a while, your body will start gaining weight in a healthier way
    • Drink a total of 3 shakes per day

    Maintaining Weight (to those who wants a healthier body)
    • Drink this shake as a replacement of one of your daily meal
    • For an example, drink it for your breakfast, lunch or dinner
    • Your body will start changing its current condition to better condition
    • Drink a total of 1 shake per day

    Buy the Formula 1 by today, and you will see the difference. Your body will improve to a better condition
    (You must experience it!)

    "Berubah ke arah yg lebih sihat dan lebih ceria"


    Wednesday, November 3, 2010

    Tea Mix (Original or Peach Flavour)

    ShapeWorks™ Tea Mix - Lemon & Hibiscus (Lemon Taste) and (peach taste) 100g 50G

            Salam to all viewers out there   Hope u guys are in good health   Today is just a sharing about a herbalife product which is Tea Mix  It can be enjoyed in two flavours which are original and peach flavour  I would prefer original flavor. It suits me better.   Below are some of the descriptions on the Tea Mix:     INFORMATION ON TEA MIX   Calm your cravings so you don't turn to calorie-rich snacks that can throw your weight management plans off track.

    Help increase your metabolism to burn fats

    Help to detoxic and drain excess waste water inside body

    Reduce water retention

    An exhilarating beverage blended from five, fast-acting natural botanicals.

    Each serving is calorie free

    Enjoy hot/warm/cold...    
    "Berubah ke arah yg lebih sihat dan lebih ceria"

    Looking forward from u soon

    Thursday, October 21, 2010


    Salam and a good day to u guys and gals out there..
    Hope that u r enjoying ur daily healthy life..
    I'm enjoying d life that i have now..
    Syukur alhamdulillah

    As the topic mention above,
    Today, i wanna share with u viewers about the importance of water
    Water is needed in order to improve our weight reduction.
    Water is needed in our life to make sure we r x dehydrated.

     Taken from

    How much water i need to consume everyday?
    The answer is very easy.

    Your weight * 35 = Answer!

    For an example,
    88 * 35 = 3080 ml per day

    plus minus with daily activities = 3500ml

    So guys and gals..
    Start changing ur daily water consumption

    Your health will be totally changed once u use this concept
    Do your best and improve your health

    "Berubah ke arah yg lebih sihat dan lebih ceria"

    Looking forward from u soon

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    Sharing Health Information

    Salam and a good day 2 all of u
    How ru guys and gals doing out there?
    hope that u r enjoying ur healthy day out there.

    Need any good nutrition for yourself?
    Need to reduce some weight?
    Need to gain some weight?
    Or need any good supplement for your own?

    The answer is here
    Herbalife is the answer

    Herbalife provides the simplest guidelines to improve your health
    U can gain, reduce and maintain your weight by just following some simple steps.

    I guaranteed u that ur health will improved just in weeks and u will live in a better and healthier way
    I'm a Herbalife user and I'm proud of it.

    Grab the chance and seize it. Improve your health!

    Futher information or any questions about the products:


    Looking forward to hear from u soon!

    "Berubah ke arah yg lebih sihat dan lebih ceria"

    Saturday, October 9, 2010

    Ni gmbo mase bulan satu tahun ni

    Ni gmbo mase rayer

    So, korg compare la berdasarkan gmbo2 di atas
    mmg la nmpk macam tiada perubahan yg drastik..
    korg bleh rasekan perubahan dlm mase 3 minggu pertama
    yg pasti..
    perubahan akan berlaku dari dalam cthnyer:
    • kurangnyer bersin di waktu pagi
    • stamina bertambah (sedar mase bulan puase)
    • kurang letih 
    • alahan berkurang
    • kulit kurang bermasalah 
    inginkan perubahan?
    call, sms atau email sayer


    sayer akan membantu anda
    jumpe lagi..

    "Berubah ke arah yg lebih sihat dan lebih ceria"

    Monday, October 4, 2010

     Ni gmbo mase sblum ni

    Ni gmbo yg agak terkini

    Nmpk x ape perbezaan pada gmbo2 tersebut?
    bdn telah kurus..
    ni la buktinyer setelah sy gunekan product ini
    anda x percaya?
    lihatlah pada gmbo2 tersebut..

    jikalau anda ingin menjadi sepeti yg di atas
    silalah hubungi sy
    jgn segan silu..
    bleh bertanya slalu..



    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    First post

    Dengan lafaz Bismillah..
    sy merasmikan pembukaan blog

    segala perkongsian akan dibuat di sini

    klu korg nk jaga kesihatan cth nk maintain kesihatan
    kuruskan badan (utk yg berlebihan berat badan)
    tambahkan berat badan (bagi yg kurus)
    jgn segan silu untuk contact yer 

    sy ade cara untuk mencapaikan hajat anda
    next time sy upload bukti2 nye ye