Thursday, November 11, 2010

ShapeWorks Herbalife Formula 1

How ru guys & gals out there?
I hope u guys are still living in a happy life

Today I'm going 2 share a very beneficial product

The ShapeWorks Herbalife Formula 1!!!

This product i called "King of the Kings"
It comes with 5 different flavors which are

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Tropical Fruit and Cappuccino

My personal favorite:
1. Strawberry
2. Vanilla
3. Tropical Fruit

Vanilla flavor


Tropical Fruit flavor

Cappuccino flavor

Brief information regarding on Formula 1

  • Includes 19 vitamins and minerals.

  • 9 grams of soy protein and 18 grams when mixed with milk or soy milk per serving plus fibre to help keep you full and satisfied.

  • Can help you lose, gain or maintain weight.*

  • Available in five flavours

  • For losing weight, it really works!!
    For your information, I already lost 10kg after using this product for 2 months 
    (depends on your body actually)
    The usage of losing, gain and maintain weight is not same.

    Below are the usage for each type of category:

    Suggested method

    Losing Weight (most of the people wants it!!)
    • Replace your two daily meals with this nutritious shake (calorie replacement)
    • For an example, I changed my breakfast and dinner with this shake
    • Since then, my weight reduced
    • Drink a total of 2 shakes per day 
    Gaining Weight (some people needs it!)
    • After your meals, drink this shake as addition to your meals
    • This shake will work as a enhancer for your body to absorb the nutrition
    • After a while, your body will start gaining weight in a healthier way
    • Drink a total of 3 shakes per day

    Maintaining Weight (to those who wants a healthier body)
    • Drink this shake as a replacement of one of your daily meal
    • For an example, drink it for your breakfast, lunch or dinner
    • Your body will start changing its current condition to better condition
    • Drink a total of 1 shake per day

    Buy the Formula 1 by today, and you will see the difference. Your body will improve to a better condition
    (You must experience it!)

    "Berubah ke arah yg lebih sihat dan lebih ceria"


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